Systems requirements presentation | BSA375 Fundamentals Of Business Systems Development | University of Phoenix


Imagine this scenario: After considering their 3 target markets, Pine Valley Furniture’s board of directors has selected the student furniture project for the WebStore. They are asking you to help them choose a method for determining the requirements. 

Create a 12- to 18-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes to the board in which you:

  • Compare traditional, contemporary, radical, and agile methodologies for requirements gathering as they would apply to the Pine Valley Furniture project, outlining the advantages and disadvantages for Pine Valley Furniture in your comparison.
  • Recommend the methodology (i.e., traditional, contemporary, radical, or agile) you think will work best for Pine Valley Furniture’s student furniture WebStore and describe why you think it will work best for Pine Valley Furniture’s student furniture WebStore.
  • Explain “Figure 7-22: Level-0 DFD for the WebStore” of Ch. 7, “Structuring System Process Requirements” from Modern Systems Analysis and Design. Please note that this is more than just explaining what a Level-0 DFD is, you need to explain what happens in at least two of the process flows.

Consider incorporating multimedia and images where appropriate.

Provide any references and citations according to APA guidelines. Please review the Center for Writing Excellence material regarding references, citations, paraphrasing, plagiarism and the Student Code of Academic Integrity. To sum this up, proper references and citations are needed for all of your work and should also be provided on your Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides and speaker notes pages when needed – just having a Reference Slide at the end is not sufficient.

Please make sure your material is specific for the Pine Valley Furniture project and not just generic material. You should always consider that your audience may be more business-oriented than technical oriented so you need to spell out what you mean.

Submit your assignment.

Please note that I do not consider simply parroting back material from another source to be sufficient – you will need to provide your material in your own words and discuss or describe how any external material you provide relates to the scenario. Also, please make sure you properly paraphrase, quote, reference and cite any material you are discussing. 

Regarding Speaker Notes: Some presentations are more just bullet points, and some are more sentence-like. Your speaker notes certainly do not have to be complete essays for each bullet point, but if your presentations are just bullet points, then your speaker notes should be what you would say to explain the point. Speaker notes are not required for every slide or for every bullet point on a slide if the meaning of the material is obvious or if the material on the slide is sufficiently explanatory. The Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (and speaker notes) should be able to stand on its own to present the material in sufficient depth for the intended audience to understand the overview of your material and the critical details and to remain as a reference. Also note that speaker notes should be incorporated within the presentation using the Microsoft® PowerPoint® Notes pages capability and not as a separate file. Your speaker notes have the same spelling/grammar and reference/citation requirements as a written assignment.

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