Science Question


You are the director of security for a CDC research facility that conducts experiments on various diseases to enable expanded understanding of the disease and to enable research, development, and development of future medications.

An anti-government group has planned a four-day conference in your city in the next week. Several of the groups expected to participate in the conference have been indirectly associated with an activist group connected with criminal activity. You are also aware of foreign entities that operate in the area, attempting to create disruption in the area in light of the ongoing pandemic responses and depict local, state, and federal government leadership as inept.

You have a staff of 9 officers. You have 5 researchers/medical doctors and 13 additional medical and administrative staff. On any given day, your clinic may have 2-3 deliveries of additional viral agents, medical supplies, while also shipping out research samples for additional exploitation at other federal clinics. Staff have expressed concerns to you about rumors that your facility might be a target during the conference.

You arrive at work to find fliers saying “The End is Near” posted on the front door of your facility.

  1. Identify your assets and critical infrastructure.
  2. What is your one MOST important asset? For that asset, QUANTIFY the RISK = (P x C x V), using the Risk Assessment Matrix provided in the Readings and Resources.
  3. Discuss the security threat (i.e., the Risk) based on the determined value. What plans might you put into place to reduce the risk or harm in this case?
  4. What additional coordination should you consider to ensure both security and function of your facility? fian
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