Porter’s five forces | Marketing homework help

Read the article: How Porter’s Five Forces Can Help Small Businesses Analyze the Competition at the link below.


Use the company Vans “Off The Wall” and complete the following analysis:

Force #1: Competition in the industry

Research question: What information would you gather to learn more about your company’s competitors?

Examples: List of competitors, competitors’ financials, market share, product differences, brand identity, industry growth, etc.

Force #2: Threat of new entry

Research question: What threats do new companies face in entering your industry?

Examples: Economies of scale, strong brand identities, capital requirements, government policy, high switching costs, etc.

Force #3: Threat of substitutes

Research question: What product or service may substitute your company’s current product or service?

Examples: Uber as a substitute to traditional taxi services.

Force #4: Power of suppliers

Research question: How do you determine the power of a supplier?

Examples: Supplier concentration, lack of supplier competition, switching costs, uniqueness of process and/or material, etc.

Force #5: Power of buyers

Research question: How do you determine the power of buyers?

Examples: Buyer concentration, buyer switching costs, brand loyalty, availability of substitutes, etc.

Follow the APA format and include a cover page and a reference page. Use two sources beyond the textbook (David, F.R. & F. David (2016). Strategic Management: Concepts (16th ed.). NJ: Prentice Hall, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-4-15397-1) and the article to support your information. Make sure to write in your own words and do not copy and past from various websites.

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