Accounting 320, audit and assurance services.

 Pinnacle Project 


Specific Requirements:

Completion of the on-line Pinnacle Manufacturing Integrated Case Application audit components at the end of selected chapters in the text including the following:

  • Part       I ( Chapter 8)  Due 02/03/19
  • Part       II (Chapter 9) Due 02/17/069
  • Part       III (Chapter 10) Due 03/03/19
  • Part       IV (Chapter 12) Due 03/10/19
  • Part       V (Chapter 14) Due  03/24/19
  • Part       VI (Chapter 15) Due 04/07/19
  • All      components of Pinnacle Manufacturing Integrated Case Application must be      typed using the online working papers and using Word or Excel as      appropriate.
  • All      components/working papers of the Pinnacle Manufacturing Integrated Case      Application must be properly labeled as illustrated in the text or as in last      year’s on-line working papers. The preparer (student) needs to be      identified on every working paper.

I am looking for someone to complete each part by the specified due date (more consistent).  I have attached the Syllabus and the information needed for Part 1.  If you are interested in completing the entire project (specified due date) please respond. I am not sure how we can do payment regarding each part , or one set price for the entire project, whichever is better for you is fine with me. 


  1. Accounting 732 Syllabus
  2. Integrated Case Application :Part 1  Page 257 (introduction), Page 258-259 Required A-H
  3. Part A: Financial Statement Figure 8-9 referenced on Page 258 
  4. Part B:  Rations Page 196-199   referenced on page 258 
  5. Part D: Income Statement  Figure 8-4 page 233 referenced on page 258 , link 

Thank you 

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