journal review involves looking at the text deeply and understanding the ideas


A journal article review is a critical analysis in a given field through making summary of the article in question. The summary of a journal review involves looking at the text deeply and understanding the ideas and arguments presented pointing out its strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, the journal review includes an application of how you will use this information discovered in your ministry as a pastoral counselor. A journal article review enhances your skills to become better at analyzing information you read and allows you to make professional evaluations and recommendations about current research.


You will write 2 Journal Article Reviews which will be based upon professional, peer-reviewed journal articles. For Module 3: Week 3, you can choose one of two articles to review: “Re-Discovery of Silence in Pastoral Care” by S. Moriichi, or “Practicing Discernment: Pastoral Care in Crisis Situations” by S. Landes.

Each Journal Article Summary must be at least 3 double-spaced pages (not including the title page and reference page) and created in a Microsoft Word document.

Be sure to include a title page and a References page with a complete reference citation for the article being summarized in compliance with current APA 7 or Turabian standards.

You must divide your review into sections with the following headings:

  • Summary
  • Interaction
  • Application.

o Summary (1 page): Avoid direct quotes from the articles as much as possible. If used, make sure to cite them properly to avoid plagiarism.

o Simply provide a brief description of the topic under consideration in the article in your own words. If the article describes a research study, include brief statements in your own words about the hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, and implications.

o Do not provide detailed descriptions of the test measures or statistical methods used, if any.

o Short quotations from the article are acceptable, but they must not be more than 1–2 sentences. o Direct quotations from the article must also be properly cited. Do not reference any additional articles in your summary.

o Interaction (1 page): Appropriate comments for this part of the paper must include, but are not limited to, your initial response to the article; comments (in your own words) regarding the study’s design or methodology (if any); insights you gained from reading the article; your reasons for being interested in this particular article; any other readings that you may plan to do based upon having read the article; and other thoughts you have that might further enhance the discussion of your article. Again, there is no need to reference any other article.

o Application (1 page): Discuss how you would apply the information you have learned to solve a specific problem that could be found within a potential.This could be in a church or clinical session. Develop this section as if you are a pastor or clinician and your parishioner or client has come to you with a problem, needing your help. This could include describing pastoral crisis care and problem solving strategies discovered as a result of your reading. For this section, you may want to pick one of the following common problems you may come into contact with: depression, grief, substance abuse, spousal infidelity, or unforgiveness.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Plagiarism has to be zero or <5%

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