IT201 Human Computer Interaction

Modern HCI realizes that a user interface (UI) is meant for users. Hence, it is appropriate that the design process be centered on the users. This type of design is called user-centered design.

Using the general user-centered activities described in Chapter 2, propose a design for a software prototype for one of these groups of users:

  • Elderly
  • Children
  • Disabled people
  • Professional

Your software prototype can be of any platform – web, mobile, stand-alone, wearable, etc. Your tasks are:

  • Name your software prototype and explain its aim, objective(s) and the problem it is targeted to solve.
  • Collect requirements from potential users via an online survey and interview or observation based on your chosen type of user group. Get a minimum of 10 survey data and two interviews or observation data (or a mix of both).
  • Present your requirement results based on the needs, tasks, and functional analysis.
  • Highlight any surprising suggestion or feedback from potential users, if any, or the use of any metaphors.
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