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Following MLA formatting guidelines, write a minimum of 2+ page essay about a classmate (preferred +5 bonus points for this option — they must be labeled at the top of your essay) or someone you admire who shares different discourse communities than the communities that you are a part of. Interact with your essay’s subject through both a formal interview and casual conversation while making observations of : their background, surroundings during the interview, factual information about the person, etc. Use engaging details and figurative language to make your essay creative and interesting. DO NOT regurgitate the interview word-for-word in your essay. Your profile essay should capture your subject from a unifying theme or angle. Getting started: 

  • Write down 5-10 questions that you’ll ask the person which will help you get to know them. 
  • Ask your questions and record the answers. 
  • Once you’ve received answers, select 5 answers that are interesting to you. Create 5 deeper questions and ask those questions. Record those answers. (Continue this process as often as necessary.) 

Drafting your essay: Look over your interview recording. Decide on an interesting angle/theme for your essay. You should not include everything the person told you in your essay — instead, select only information they provided you that provides details/support for your interesting angle/theme. Your essay should include the following: 

  • introduction
  • background information (can be a part of the introduction)
  • thesis focused on angle (can be part of the introduction) 
  • at least 2 quotes from the subject
  • observations (of the scene (imagery), the person, their personality, etc.) 
  • any researched facts about the person, their background, etc.
  • anecdote provided by the person
  • interesting, engaging details connecting to your unified angle/theme
  • conclusion (How do you feel connected to this person even though you are in separate discourse communities? how has doing this interview affected you?)
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