American history


Wk4 US history discussion post Compose a post in response to both of the following questions: Think about the reasons why the British Colonists ultimately decided to leave the British Empire. Remember, not all colonists wanted to rebel, there were quite a few loyalists that would have rather maintained their British citizenship. However, historians and archaeologists have argued that at the time of the American Revolution, the colonists had developed a unique American culture. How do material culture, objects, and written documents from this period tell us about this unique American identity? Select 2 primary American sources from the sites posted on this week’s objective, readings, and activities page (Listed below). In one small paragraph per object, answer the following questions in essay format.

1. What does this primary source tell us about American identity during this period?

2. How does this object or written source fit into the larger historical framework of the revolutionary period

3. How do material culture, objects, and written documents from this period tell us about unique American Identity?

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