350 words question answer and 150 words peer review needed

What is the relationship between sex/love and transaction in this week’s readings?

In 350 words or more, provide at least THREE examples from Bernstein and/or Brennan. 

*Hint* look for where the authors identify love or sex as “transactional,” as “performance,” or as “a market”https://www.homeworkmarket.com/”an economy.” Define what is meant by these terms. 

Below is the classmate writing that I choose you need to peer review( 150 needed)

  • When people think of sex and love, they don’t tend to think of it as a transaction. The common thought is a simple one, of love being just that. Love. However, as we learned from the articles this week, we can see that it is not always that way. Relationships and sex can be much more (or much less) than just love. In some instances, as mentioned in Brennan’s piece, love can be a “strategy”, where there isn’t necessarily an emotional attachment involved. One of the women, Elena, talks about how she married her husband in order to have a better life, and went as far as laughing when asked if she was in love with her spouse. This relationship isn’t considered real for her, it is one where “love” can be seen as marketable for a better life filled with new economic opportunities. Another way that Brennan describes love/sex as transactional is in marrying to obtain legal migration status. She talks about how Sosúan male resort workers are seen as prostitutes most of the time for commonly looking to make wives out of tourists in order to be able to leave the country. In this way, love may be one directional, or may not be present at all, making the relationship a transaction. For Dominicans it hard to be able to obtain proper documentation for legal migration, so marriage is the way to make it possible, thus a transaction. A relationship in exchange for migration. Sex/love can be considered a performance in the way that Bernstein describes it. She mentions the selling of the girlfriend experience. In this, the transaction is between a a prostitute and her customer. It is literally a transaction given that the receiver pays money in order to receive some type of affection and caresses from a woman. There are no actual feelings involved, so it the intimacy that is portrayed on both sides is performative. The transaction entails paying money to a prostitute to receive a sexual encounter that involves the intimacy that one would normally experience with a significant other. “

Below is the reading that I upload for this assignment.

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