Designing an hrd program & lesson plan

Assignment must be submitted as a word processing document. File must be saved as a Word document in either .doc, or .docx. You may save the file as a .pdf or as a .rtf. Any files that cannot be opened and read will receive a zero score. Be sure to review the rubric for scoring details.

You must save your file using the following naming convention, in which you substitute your actual name:

BA109_HRD_Last Name_First Initial

Assignment #1 – Designing an HRD Program & Lesson Plan (50 points)

(Aligns to SLOs#2&3)


You are an HR Manager for your company, SwiftRun shoes, which makes shoes for track and field runners.  Your company is getting ready to introduce a new checkout system at your 200 U.S. retail locations, located in various areas throughout all 50 states.  The checkout system is what your customer service associates who show and sell running shoes to the customers use for having the customer pay for their order.  The new system is being introduced because it will be able to scan and price the merchandise faster, secure better data for the company, and print the customer a detailed receipt.  As the HR Manager for SwiftRun shoes, you have been asked to conduct a needs assessment and then design a training program to train each of the 200 Store Managers on the new checkout system, which will be put into the stores in six months. 

Your Assignment:

Submit a 1.5-2 page paper AND Lesson Plan (your paper should be double-spaced, 12 font Times New Roman) to address how you would conduct the needs assessment and design the HRD training program on the new checkout system for the 200 Store Managers.  You will need to reference the Ch.5 textbook and PowerPoint for this assignment.  You may also use external sources, and cite any sources used.  Make sure that you address the six items below, which are the key activities in HRD design. Add a Lesson Plan of your training to the end of your paper.  The Lesson Plan is separate and does NOT count toward the 1.5-2 pages.

Submit a Paper (1.5-2 pages):

1. State your training objective.

2. Who would be selected as the trainer or training vendor?  Provide your rationale for your selection.

3. What program methods and techniques (including the appropriate use of technology) would be used?  Provide your rationale for your 


4. Describe what training materials you would use. 

5. How would you schedule the training?

Submit a Lesson Plan (in additional to your paper):

6. Include a sample Lesson Plan for the training.  See template below.  The Lesson Plan should be included after your paper, and does 

NOT count toward your 1.5-2 pages.  You can find a sample of the Lesson Plan in the Ch.5 PowerPoint, slides 42-44.  A copy is attached 

here:   Lesson Plan Template_Assignment 2__4.2017.pptPreview the document

Remember to reference the Ch.5 textbook and PowerPoint.  Pay special attention to the lesson plan section.  See 

the Ch.5 PowerPoint, slides 42-44 for an overview of the lesson plan, or click here:  Lesson Plan Preview the document

Template_Assignment 2__4.2017.pptPreview the document.  Think through the practicalities of

training 200 managers.  Check your grammar and spelling before submitting, as this is important in the business

world.  Include references where used and remember that the majority of your paper should be in your own

original thoughts and wording. You will be graded on providing in-depth critical  thinking and support for your

responses, clearing addressing the assignment objectives and topics in the questions asked, and using

correct grammar and spelling so that your paper flows well and can be easily read and understood.  

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