related to replication


Directions: Answer these questions the best you can. You may use your book/class notes, and write all answers in your own words an appropriate vocabulary. Drawings, charts, etc. are acceptable provided you have ample explanations for them and YOU must create them. They don’t have to be pretty, just functional and clear. Any copied answers from the internet will result in a zero for the entire assignment. It will take much more than one word/one sentence answers to get full credit. You must be able to articulate and explain using the resources available and your own thoughts and considerations backed with evidence. Be sure to put the number corresponding to your answer on the paper. (ex. PS 1 # 1, Q1, etc.)

Question number [point value]

1.[3] Outline the critical features of the three phases of transcription. Explain how each can be a good target to regulate gene expression? Which of the three phases is the most common target of regulatory mechanisms.(MLO 5.1)

2.[3]Why does transcription not have to be as accurate as replication? Explain. (MLO 5.2)

3.[4] What changes do the promoter and the polymerase undergo during the transition from a closed to an open complex? What drives this transition in prokaryotes, and in eukaryotes? What is the importance of the transition for the overall transcription process?(MLO 5.2)

4.[3] Promoter clearance of RNA polymerase involves an inherent problem, in that the energetic forces that attract the polymerase to the promoter in the first place will tend to hold it there, at the promoter, thereby preventing transcription. How can the transcription machinery overcome this problem and enable the polymerase to clear the promoter? Be sure to explain both prokaryotic and eukaryotic mechanisms(MLO 5.2)

5.[4] Name three ways in which mRNA is processed prior to being exported from the nucleus. How are these processing events coordinated with elongation and termination of transcription?(MLO 5.3)

6.[3] What is the function of the prokaryotic σσ factor?.(MLO 5.2)

7.[10] Describe the detailed processes involved in prokaryotic transcription a)initiation, b)elongation, and c) termination.(MLO 5.4)

8.[10] Describe the detailed processes involved in eukaryotic transcription a)initiation, b)elongation, and c) termination.(MLO 5.4)

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