Literature Question


1,000 words

3 primary sources with documentation

2 secondary sources with documentation

MLA Format (8th):

Will provide Rubric for help

Required Topic:

Assess the progress and position of Great Britain during the Age of Chaucer (1340-1400) by and through an analysis of three assigned works (Sir Gawain, the Book of Margery Kempe, and the Canterbury Tales are choices). Work in some critique from Simon Schama.

You can locate Sir Gawain, the Book of Margery Kempe (excerpts), and the Canterbury Tales via if you choose. If you want to use other sources thats fine, just make sure the citations are correct.

Stay on topic, narrow your focus (as possible), define your terms with specificity, and take care with historical dates.


Include a short introduction, persuasive thesis statement, well-developed body paragraphs, and a short conclusion.

Use primary sources and 2 secondary sources (relevant research) in your literary analysis.

Maintain the third person objective voice.

Introduce quotations, paraphrases, and borrowed ideas from secondary sources in your own words.

The introduction, persuasive thesis statement, topic sentences, and conclusion of your essay should be in your own words.

Use quotations to illustrate your primary source material in your body paragraphs.

Follow any quotations with commentary in your own words.

Be sure to end each body paragraph with a re-focus on your thesis statement.

End your essay with a conclusion that re-states your main points and thesis.

Don’t introduce new ideas in your conclusion. Avoid ending paragraphs with questions.

Use complete and proper parenthetical (in text) and bibliographic citations.

Don’t summarize or paraphrase material from the web without using parenthetical and bibliographic citations.

Follow quotations, paraphrases, and borrowed ideas with citations.

Match internal citations with an alphabetized Works Cited Page.

Provide full information regarding the author, title, publisher, date, and URL in the Works Cited Page.

More Guidelines:

* Create an original title that reflects the thesis.

* Introduce the plot but avoid excessive plot summary.

* Include a persuasive thesis statement in the introduction.

* Use clear topic sentences to introduce the body paragraphs.

* Use literary quotations to support the thesis in your body paragraphs.

* Introduce quotations in your own words.

* Follow quotations with interpretation in your own words.

* End body paragraphs with a tie-in to your thesis statement.

* Finish the essay by summarizing the key points.

* Document sources via complete and proper parenthetical & bibliographic citations.

* Cite when summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting!

* Follow MLA format.

* Cite full source information in the Works Cited Page.

* Revise before sending to check grammar, phrasing, and sentence structure.

* Revise before sending to check spelling and punctuation.

* Strive for clarity and conciseness; avoid redundancy.

* See the RUBRIC for information about EVALUATION.

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