History of United States 2

800 to 1000 words. Answer the following question: Using the media provided choose one of the movements in women’s history and tell which one is the most important. Examples of these movements are (but are not limited to): Suffrage, Prohibition/Temperance, The New Woman/Flappers, World War II and the Baby Boom, and the Modern Femist Movement. While arguing for the choice you have made, tell why the others were not as important. Use as sources any media that has been presented in this class so far.

The article, “Underpaid but Employed: How the Great Depression Affected Working Women,” by Jessica Pearce Rotondi summarizes the experiences of women during the Depression and accentuates the pay discrimination against women that would not be corrected for another thirty years. Cite this article as (Rotondi). https://www.history.com/news/working-women-great-depression

The second medium is a video produced by The Library of Congress called, “Rosie the Riveter: Real Women Workers in World War II” and narrated by Sheridan Harvey. While the film revolves around the fictitious Rosie, it tells the story of the impact of female war workers during the Second World War. The narrator even suggests that this work leads to more advances for women beyond the war. Cite this film as (Harvey).

To add to the above narrative, take a few minutes to hear the song referenced above: 

This is a little more about the Rosie the Riveter painting. You can see the 110 pound model, Mary Doyle: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+model+for+norman+rockwell%27s+rosie+the+riveter

There are two subheadings called, “Women and Domesticity.” Scroll down to the second one (about half-way down) and read that and “Discussion on Rosie the Riveter Effects.” Cite this as (Santana). https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fsoc.2016.00016/full

The Baby Boom years began in 1946 and continued until 1963. I confess, as a product of 1955, I am one of the 76 million babies born in that era. I can also attest that the following documentary is largely accurate. Watch “The US Post-World War II Boom, The American Dream, Conformity, Boomers, Teen Agers, Urban Sprawl” (the film is almost as long as the title) by Texas Liberty Advocate. Cite this video as (Texas).

The following 3:22 video covers most of what I cover in a 90-minute lecture on the development of the birth control pill, but I give more juicy details in the classroom. However, it is the best video on youtube on the subject, so enjoy. Cite this as (HuffPost). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ7fp8j1uUU

Finally (and probably mercifully), the last reading on this subject is from US History. “Modern Feminism” by US History attempts to answer why the women’s movement got its start and where it is leading. Cite this as (US History). https://www.ushistory.org/us/57a.asp

Read “A Short History of Sex” in Files on Canvas. It may be the best article you will ever read on the subject. Cite this as (Eig).

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