Discussion Questions

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Discussion 1

Based on the slides please briefly answer the following questions:
1) Why is it important to study HR?
2) What are the main components of HR?
3) Humans are the most important asset of an organization – agree or disagree? explain your response

4) What is the role of HR planning? How is it related to the strategic plan of an organization

Discussion 2

Based on your readings and the posted slides, briefly answer the following questions:
What is a ‘job’?

What is a ‘job design’?

What are the goals of a job design?

What is a ‘job description’?
is a ‘job analysis’?
are the uses of a job analysis?
is the job analysis process?

are the characteristics and outcomes of a) a well designed job; b) a poorly
designed job?

Discussion 3

  1. How can good HR practices help increase productivity and control costs?
    2. How can the use of technology improve the management of people?
    3. Discuss the effect of downsizing, outsourcing, and offshoring on a company.
    4. What strategies can be used by the company for competing, recruiting, and staffing globally?
    5. What are the challenges posed by globalization to a company? How will this
    affect the formulation of HR policies?

Discussion 4

Agree or Disagree? Justify

a) Pay
is a statement of an employee’s worth by an employer.

b) Pay
is a perception of worth by an employee.2) What are the effects of a) being underpaid (compensation lower than the knowledge, skills and abilities require)? b) being overpaid (compensation higher than the knowledge, skills and abilities require).



MGMT 540 – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (WEEK 3) RECRUITMENT, SELECTION AND TRAINING INSTRUCTOR: DR. ROSETTE ADERA PILLAR COLLEGE STEPS IN CAREER MANAGEMENT PROCESS (SNELL ET AL. 2011, FIG. 5.6; P. 201) BLENDING THE NEEDS OF INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEES TO THAT OF THEIR ORGANIZATIONS (FIG. 5.7; P. 203) ELEMENTS OF A RECRUITING STRATEGY SOURCES OF EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT Other ways employers and job hunters connect: ◼ Professional associations and labor unions ◼ Public and private employment agencies ◼ Staffing agencies ◼ Independent contractors ◼ Employee leasing INTERNAL RECRUITMENT METHODS Internal job posting ◼ Identifying talent through performance appraisals ◼ 9-box grid: Comparative diagram that includes appraisal and assessment data to allow managers to easily see an employee’s actual and potential performance ◼
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