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I hope you have provided most of the answers for the Midterm Exam by now. Here are some important tips for the exam questions: 

For Q1, first read the class materials (the first presentation and the article on 3 methods in Bb) very carefully to grasp all of the points and concepts. Then, make your conclusions in your own words, but based on those points and concepts. Answer each method clearly in a separate paragraph. An average paragraph can be 4-8 lines.

For Q2A, focus on logical and common-sense type of reasoning that is understandable to everyone about why people should not fully depend on (or worship) those four types of objects. The answers should be very specific for each one. They should not be too general answers, such as “because Muslims believe in One God”. Four separate paragraphs are expected for this answer. 

For Q2B, you do not have to go too far, but open your eyes and start thinking about the people around you and then move on. One short paragraph is expected for this answer. 

In Q3, review the presentation of human sufferings a couple times to identify its four key points. Each point should be explained in a separate paragraph. Your points must demonstrate your understanding of the whole presentation.

In Q4, give two specific issues that were major in the Makkah period instead of writing about all issues and stories. An issue would be any problem that challenged the prophet or made him suffer. The issues should be from the period of prophethood (after becoming the prophet). Two short paragraphs are expected for this answer. 

For all of your answers, read the related class materials very carefully and make your analytic conclusions in your own words (you can refer to some of the points from the class materials, but you cannot merely copy-paste statements from the class materials). 

Make your writing very neat and legible by separating the questions from the answers and each paragraph by a space line. You can use a different color for your answers. Write multiple shorter paragraphs instead of one large paragraph.  

Make sure you understand what is being asked exactly, and do not answer based on your assumptions. Give very specific answers to the specific points of each question, and do not write more than what is specifically asked for.  

Everyone is expected to work independently. While you can discuss the exam and its questions in general, you should not discuss or share the specific answers with each other. Any act of dishonesty will be taken very seriously with severe penalties and no tolerance.  

When you are ready to submit, go to Bb and click on Assignments. Then, click on “Midterm Exam”. Then, attach your exam file with your answers in Word format, and submit. If you submitted the exam in Bb, there is no need to send it by email as well. Once again, do not change anything in the exam file except adding your answers to it. Do not submit a file in pages format or any other format except in Word file.

 Please pay close attention to the exam instructions and each one of the above tips very seriously before you regret it, and in fact, double check all of these instructions and tips before you submit the exam. 

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