Young People and the Looming Climate Crisis Read and write .

Young People and the Looming Climate Crisis
Climate change, or more accurately the climate crisis consequent to global warming, will dramatically affect your life and your hopes and dreams for the future. The Earth you’re about to inherit will be much impoverished and imperiled compared to the Earth your parents and grandparents inherited. It is only natural to grieve for this impending loss. Many in your generation also have a foreboding feeling about the future. Please read the following article:

Young people experiencing widespread psychological distress over government handling of looming climate crisis, researchers say – ABC News

Then I invite you to share, as much as you’re comfortable to, with others on this discussion board, what your emotions are regarding the climate crisis. It’s ok to be angry or depressed about it. It’s part of the grieving process. The last step is acceptance and a resolute determination that life goes on and that you can influence the course of events for the better. Are you there yet? Be candid. Provide each other with encouraging words if you’re up to it.

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