Writing Question

The paper is about the reading. It has to be 9 font, single spaced. I started an outline, so you can go based off my outline.

Paper Guidelines

The paper must prove your capacity to argue about the class subjects. What counts is the completeness of the question you present, especially arguments and counterarguments pertaining to its discussion.

Structure and write your paper following the steps below. Make sure to implement each of them. If anything is unclear, do not guess, but ask the teacher. As for the format, your three papers must have 2500 words each and include a bibliography (not contained in the 2500 words). Write single-spaced, 9pt (Montserrat or Garamond font), then turn in a pdf file. Finally, print and deliver your paper to the teacher.

(AIntroduction (500 words) – Introduce the question by identifying the problem you want to discuss. Describe it with simple words and motivate your choice by telling why the chosen issue matters.

(BThesis (100 words) – Make your claim. In this part, you state your thesis, namely your answer to the chosen question. Be simple. You can, for example, defend one of the many arguments the readings present. You don’t need to be overly creative.

(CSupporting Reasons (1000 words) – Apply the arguments of the readings to support your thesis. Ideally, you should at least refer to three arguments.

(DObjections (700) – Consider at least two counterarguments. Present these counterarguments properly and show their truth. Then, rebuttal them with one sentence or two.

(EConclusion (200 words) – Derive a consequence from the arguments and counterarguments you have previously discussed.

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