Virus corona Covid-19

While the world was celebrating New Year’s Eve 2020, news began to circulate about the emergence of pneumonia-like cases in various hospitals in Wuhan Province in China, then the virus began to spread in other provinces within China, and in January cases began to appear in different countries. Like South Korea, Japan and the United States of America, and many did not notice at the time the danger that was approaching, the Corona virus began to spread silently and fears began to increase.And in March 2020, it was the dark hour that the Italian Prime Minister announced, with the registration of new daily cases exceeding a thousand cases, and with the increase in cases in several countries, the World Health Organization declared covid-19 a global pandemic, and closures began in different countries.The scene of empty streets has become commonplace in different countries, and people have begun to get used to staying at home, during the summer the infection rate has stabilized relatively, and some countries have begun to reopen, but the economic impact of the decision to close has begun to appear with millions of people losing their jobs, and the emergence of an economic crisis looming. On the horizon, some believe that it is the worst in hundreds of years.

With the entry of the fall season, cases began to register a spike again in countries including India, Europe and the United States, the second wave of covid-19 officially began, some countries returned to lockdown again and the winter began to be harsh.

In late November, the breakthrough that many had been waiting for occurred and the date was with the vaccine, Britain was one of the first countries to adopt the American-German Pfizer vaccine and began distributing it, to follow the adoption of the vaccine by a number of countries, but the joy of the vaccine was not complete after the spread of strains. A new outbreak of the Coronavirus, which is what causes a new wave of panic, fear and anxiety, will the breakthrough come from approximately covid-19, or will the world be a date with new chapters of covid-19?

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