Theory of Mass Communication: Framing


After you have completed THREE readings for the week, answer the two questions about agenda setting and agenda building theory. The answer should be academic in media and communication.
You need to read all the readings and cite them appropriately. Use at least 1 source in each question (at least 2 sources total). No outside source allowed. APA format.

1. Besides the media, which other actors or institutions have the power to frame messages? How?

2. Think of a time when the choice to frame an issue or event ran counter to the objectives of those who framed it. Why did the framing backfire? What can public relations practitioners learn from that experience?

The frames through which we present information are a function of:

  • How we process information, cognitively
  • How we make sense of events, rhetorically
  • How we react to stimuli, emotionally
  • How we think about things, psychologically
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