Supply Chain Question

Answer this question: According to Tilly and Ayoob, why are many states in the developing world/Third World weak (that is, those states are unable to establish a monopoly over the legitimate use of force within their territories)?


DUE by the beginning of class on Sept 28: after that = late with penalty (see syllabus for policy on late submissions).

Be specific in identifying and explaining each factor. (Do not assume that I know what you are talking about.)

  • Get to the point: no “fluff” (unnecessary statements to fill up the word count).
  • Provide proper citation (see syllabus for guide).

This and all assignments should be written in your own words (do not quote from the texts at all).

  • Plagiarism = automatic failure in the course: your assignments go through a plagiarism detection program, which identifies plagiarized text.

Length: approximately 1,200 words, not including bibliography.

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