[Revision] Masters Major project dissertation details – Discourse analysis of political speeches by two black MP’s Kemi Badenoch and Dawn Butler

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11 pages + well-structured + cited references

Revision comments23/09/21
“1. Previous QA comments have been ignored: “Your structure for the LR is confusing: you have discourse analyses discussed, and then suddenly go to discourse and racism and BAME situation, and then again social perspective. What does “Lexical Repetition” belong to? It looks like a stylistic device used in the speeches. Moreover, if you provide an analysis, it is better to provide exact quotes from several speeches to support your claims. In “Literary Analysis of Political Speeches”, you should also summarize the findings overall – you discuss speeches one by one but it is not clear what the common features/differences are. It is also not really clear how the research gap coincides with the topic.” You only changed some headings, which doesn’t solve the issues. 2. Only 900 words have been added. Please, revise and extend the draft. It will be your last chance to work on the order. Regards”


“This is a very interesting proposal on a very important topic. I really like the research questions and approach. However, I think the study could be improved if you consider having clearer -more focused – research questions. ‘Salient features’ is an ad-hoc and subjective category. I would suggest you try to be a bit more focused. For example, you could focus on the discursive construction of certain ideology/idea by these politicians. Now that these speeches are available, try to do a strict, more focused, discourse analysis , i.e. one which provides a thorough analysis of specific features.
Also, the second question could be improved if you refocus it like this:
What does the language used reveal about the speaker’s identity/background and how?
The lit review is well-written but could benefit from a more liberal thematic organisation. Currently it is too narrowly focused on specific events. The lit review is supposed to provide a glimpse into the status of the field.
The analysis section could also benefit from a clearer plan. Currently it is a bit random. This seems to have been caused by the rather vague research questions which could easily be fixed.
The annotated bibl is very well-written. However, it would be good if you could try to provide a clearer link between the study by Fairclough and the analysis of the data.”

Please write a 15000 word masters dissertation with a separate bibliography.

Discourse analysis of political speeches.

1) How issues relating to BAME, and in particular black people’s issues are presented at the house of commons through analysis of speech. e.g.  (Please see video of two Black MP’s, Kemi Badenoch and Dawn Butler.) Transcripts can be found on the house of commons website. 

2) This is an important question because of the widespread controversy and reach of social policy.

3) Some possible answers in the difference between two black women’s method of speaking (one is a tory MP and the other labour) and presentation of their points is that Tories generally attend private schools and have a holistic education – either she attended private school, or it has rubbed off on her from her colleagues over time together with her value whilst growing up.

4) Look into their ethnicities, The tory MP is African (Kemi Badenoch) whilst the Labour MP is afro-Caribbean (Dawn Butler). See video you tube link above debate between the two.

Following books are useful to look at for critical discourse analysis:

• Fairclough, N. (1995) Critical discourse analysis: the critical study of language. Longman.
• Chouliaraki, L. & Fairclough, N. (1999) Discourse in late modernity: rethinking critical discourse analysis . Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.
• Machin, D. & Mayr, A. (2012) How to do critical discourse analysis : a multimodal introduction . Los Angeles, [Calif.] ;: SAGE.
• Rogers Rebecca. (2003) An introduction to critical discourse analysis . Mahwah, N.J., London: Lawrence Erlbaum.
• Wodak, R. & Meyer, M. (2009) Methods of critical discourse analysis . 2nd ed. London: SAGE.
• Wodak, R. (2009) The discursive construction of national identity. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Must be 15000 words masters dissertation and a bibliography. Please read the feedback notes above from the supervisor. (See Research proposal attached and the feedback notes above for it)

Latest revision comment[September 28, 2021 03:42] Please, work in the file “To_Continue” and revise the Literature Review chapter. Make sure that the sections are arranged logically and their content corresponds to the subheadings. Proceed with the Results chapter.

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