Psychology Question


  • Choose 1 (and only 1) question to answer.Please include the question above your answer.
  • Answers should be in complete sentences, typed, double-spaces, and free of typos and misspellings.
  • While you SHOULD use the materials listed in the assessment contract, answers should only be written in your own words and demonstrate an understanding of the materials.There should be NO DIRECT QUOTES, but summaries and paraphrasing of the material is always OK!
    • Up to 5 points off for quotes, or no credit for that portion of your answer.
    • In-text citations should be used for materials you have used.5 points off per essay without in-text citations
      • Each resource on eLearning that you may use lists the in-text citation to use
      • Please see “In-text citation tutorial” on eLearning
  • Answers will undergo a plagiarism check via TurnItIn.Please check your originality report prior to the deadline to make sure you haven’t made a plagiarism mistake.
  • I must have a signed copt of the assessment contract to grade essays
  • “Discuss” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to present in detail,”please remember that in answering the essay questions.
  • Each question is worth 20 points.Most students lose points for not answering all parts of the question.

Chapter 4:

#1 Compare and Contrast the Apgar exam and the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale.Answers should include descriptions and discussion of what each test measures (10 points, 5 points each). What are two strengths of each test (4 points, 1 points each) and two challenges of each test (4 points, 1 points each)?Which do YOU think is more important and WHY? (2 points.)

#2 List the stages of labor and delivery, along with the major characteristics of each stage (6 points, 2 points per stage). Discuss the differences in maternal mortality worldwide (2 points). Discuss at least 3 standards (from the course) for improving quality of maternal and newborn care (9 points – 3 points each.)Discuss how the standards you discussed would impact the racial and ethnic differences in child birth complications (3 points.)

#3 How does the mother’s location and attendants affect her delivery?Discuss the different attendants a mother can have during the birthing process (3 points, 1 point each).Discuss 3 differences between having a baby in a medical facility vs. a home birth? (6 points, 2 points each).What characteristics should the mother have to plan for a home birth? (2 points).For mothers that choose a medical facility what define and discuss 3 interventions discussed in the course that are available to the mother. (9 points, 3 points each)

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