Project financial research

Present key features of your product, process, and materials in approximately 5 pages addressing the 7 items below (5 pages not counting title page or references).

  1. What product(s), process, or materials will you produce (be as clear and specific as possible)?
  2. What product or material quality or composition/specifications are critical to successful design?
  3. Who are your customers and why do they desire a product or process that meets the specifications in item 2 (above)?
  4. What is the current total U.S. or global sales volume or mass of each product and how will your production impact that total? For remediation projects, what is the total U.S. or global amount of similar remediation work ongoing or anticipated?
  5. What is the past, present, and anticipated future price of your product? For environmental projects, what are the costs that others have paid, or are predicted to pay, for this type of remediation?
  1. What are the past, present, and anticipated future costs of your raw materials?
  2. Make a table of the market knowledge gaps that need to be filled.
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