Geology Question


1. What is weathering? Please give your own description or definition.

2. Distinguish between the two main categories of weathering and give examples of each which includes how they operate to break down and wear away rock.

3. Explain how conditions such as temperature or amount of rainfall influence the rate of weathering.

4. Provide your opinion on which type of weathering works the most rapidly to wear down rock and create sediments.

5. The characteristics of soil are determined primarily by five components. Describe and give a brief explanation of each component and how they control the characteristics of the soil.

6. Describe and define the term: humus. Why would you think hummus is important for agriculture?

7. Draw (sketch) a soil profile to demonstrate the five horizons (O, A, B, C, and R). Label your drawing and indicate where humus is present. (see examples of soil profiles in your textbook). You can insert your drawing in your document or attach it separately.

8. Describe each of the soil horizons (O, A, B, C, and R) in terms of what each contains and the physical and/or chemical processes that occur.

9. Go to the following site to find Florida’s State soil: Click Here. Then, name and describe Florida’s state soil.

10. Explain why it makes sense that most of Florida’s agriculture is being conducted in areas that were formerly part of the Everglades.

GRADING (guidelines to earn maximum points)

  • Length and Detail – observe a 300-word minimum (in total) with adequate length and detail for each response.
  • Originality – use your own words. Broward College uses Turnitin services to detect plagiarism.
  • Formatting – format your assignment so it is well organized for the reader.
  • References – include credits (links) to the resources you used for information and any images you used for this assignment.
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