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The perception is the process by which each and every individual organize and also interpret their sensory impressions in order to provide the meaning to their environment. What we perceive is substantially different from the objective reality. Perception is important why because people’s behavior is completely based upon their perception of what reality is , not on reality itself. A number of factors operate to shape and sometimes distort perception. These factors can reside in the perceiver; in the object, or target, being perceived; or in the context of the situation in which the perception is made. The factors that influence perception is nothing but when we look at a target and also attempt to interpret what we see and our interpretation is heavily influenced by our personal characteristics (Robbins & Judge, 2017).

Characteristics of the target also affect what we perceive. Loud people are more likely to be noticed in a group than quiet ones. So, too, are extremely attractive or unattractive individuals. Because we don’t look at targets in isolation, the relation-ship of a target to its background also influences perception, as does our tendency to group close things and similar things together. We often perceive women, men, Whites, African Americans, Asians, or members of any other group that has clearly distinguishable characteristics as alike in other, unrelated ways as well (Robbins & Judge, 2017).

Question – 1

In an organization, stereotyping process can often lead to the prejudices which are formed opinions about a person that are not based on actual experiences or reason and that could lead to the favoring one person or group against another. Stereotypes can easily form in our minds. As part of socialization in our cultures from personal experiences, media, peers and our family, we learn rules and expectations regarding who is given status and who isn’t, who is capable and who isn’t or even what is attractive and what isn’t.


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