Competency 2: Assess leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change.


Competency 2: Assess leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change.

This reflection activity is comprised of two sections, collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts.

Leadership Styles in Action: Review the reading “A Case of Servant, Participative, and Situational Leadership” in Chapter 8. Compare the servant leadership style to that of the participative and situational leadership styles. Think about a leader you know who embodies one of these leadership styles. Consider his or her actions and impact on people.

  • How is this leadership style reflected in your leadership assessment?
  • How could you, as a leader, fulfill this role? What leadership qualities do you need to develop?

High Performance: Recall an experience you’ve had as a member of a high-performing team in the workplace.

  • What steps did that team, or its leadership, take to ensure the team performed well?
  • Could the team have used any of the strategies discussed in this module’s reading to help improve its performance even more?
  • Can you think of an experience with a team that did not perform well and what strategies it could have used to help improve its success?



Reflect on the leadership theories presented in the readings for Competency 2. Part 1

Create a chart comparing at least 3 leadership theories presented in your reading. You will use this information in Part 2 of this assessment to select leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change that aligns to your chosen organization’s mission, ethics, and values.

Continue to Pt. 2: Apply Leadership Theories.

Part 2

Write a 700- to 1,050-word Leadership Styles Rationale paper. In your paper, complete the following:

  • Restate the needed change within the organization.
  • Analyze the various leadership styles you explored in Part 1 in the context of the organizational culture and proposed change.
  • Justify which leadership style or approach would best support the organizational change.
    • Explain how this style will support sustainable organizational success.
    • Explain how this style integrates the organization’s mission and vision.
    • Explain how this style will increase value for stakeholders.
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