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1.Prepare a 300-word Group discussion post in response to the following: The authors of “The Virtue of War” assert that the Christian warrior is driven to defend the people of God from unjust aggression. Do you agree or disagree with the assertion, and why?

2.First, watch the video “Let My People Think” with Ravi Zacharias.

After viewing the video, identify at least one Scripture or passage central to the foundation of your Christian worldview.  In 150-200 words, explain how it might assist you during your graduate studies. (For example, consider how the Scripture/passage might help you make choices, persist through challenges, find answers to intellectual dilemmas in your field of study, or perform with academic excellence.) Review the attached Dialogue Grading Rubric to ensure the best outcomes for your weekly dialogues.

3.In 150-200 words, name three “helps” from this week’s study materials that you feel will be particularly useful and explain why for online program. Be sure to include examples of how you will apply each of the helps. Compare your three helps with at least three other classmates’ helps to see what they found most useful and post one additional suggestion/resource and support how it might help them. Review the attached Dialogue Grading Rubric to ensure the best outcomes for your weekly dialogues

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