Civil 3d

5. Draw the plot plan shown below in Civil3D using the bearings and distances shown. Label the lines with bearings and lengths using Civil3D labels as shown in the lecture videos. What is the azimuth and length of side AE? (Filename format: YourLastName_HW4_P5)

6. Open Survey.dwg in Civil3D (file is located in the Assignment folder with this file). Complete the following tasks. (Filename format: YourLastName_HW4_P6)

a. Create a new equipment database called “HW4”

b. Create a new figure prefix database called “C3D HW4” i. Make “C3D HW4” the current figure prefix database. ii. Add the following figure settings: i. Name: Trail, Breakline: Yes, Style: Road centerline ii. Name: Building, Breakline: No, Style: Buildings

c. Create a new local survey database called “Survey Data HW4” i. Change the coordinate zone to NAD83 California State Planes, Zone VI, meter. ii. Set the distance to meter, direction to North Azimuth, temperature to Celsius, and pressure to millimeters Hg. iii. Create a new network called “Site Topo HW4” iv. Import the field book called Site-Survey3.fbk (located in the Assignment folder with this file) using the following options: i. Show interactive graphics: Yes, Process linework during import: No, Insert network object: Yes, Insert figure objects: Yes, Insert survey points: Yes.

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