Accounting Question

this is a group assignment, my part is Part B question 6 and 7 (totally 800 words)

6. An activity-based costing system would provide AXE Life with an understanding of the costs to develop, sell, and service their products. How can AXE Life use this information to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their operations?

7. A while ago, Melissa also read an article that stated that using time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) reduces the time and complexity associated with implementing an ABC system. Based on her understanding, Melissa believes that using a time-driven system may be an efficient way of implementing ABC. Yet, she is not sure whether TDABC would work in her firm. Conduct some research on TDABC (in particular in service firms) to compare ABC with TDABC and discuss the feasibility of using TDABC in AXE Life.

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